Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Even The Best Laid Plans...Part 2

Well, it's July 27th & we're still in Phoenix. We had a huge turn of events last week when Scott saw that the price of our dreamboat, one that we have looked at for a year, had decreased significantly. A big enough price change that we could consider buying it.  So, last Wednesday Scott flew to New London, Connecticut to check it out. He spent 6 days there & went through the boat over & over. We talked & talked about it & decided to buy it. Of course, we had to get a marine inspection and have an expert evaluate it which obviously went very well & now she's ours!! Scott got home late last night & now the push to get back to Connecticut is full force. We are going to try & be on the road in the next few days. We have alot to do so we'll see... for instance, everything we have already packed neatly in rubbermaid containers has to be repacked into boxes so we can ship it all to Connecticut. No sense hauling a trailer & all our stuff since we wont be road-tripping from Texas to Florida. And yes, that means we have to sell the trailer we recently purchased for the move.
Our new home is a  38ft Island Packet. I know that doesn't mean anything to most of didnt to me either a year ago, so hope to have pictures up soon. It's so awesome! I cant wait sail on her!!! Now our journey will include sailing down the East Coast which Scott & I are excited about because neither one of us has spent too much time in that part of the country. We'll be New England in the fall!!! We do have to be well on our way by end of September befor old man winter hits the north east.
Stay tuned ......
Anybody need a trailer?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Even the Best Laid Plans....

UGH!!!  Well, it's July 19th & we're still in Phoenix.  Things have not gone according to "the plan".  I need one more eye surgery & if we're going to be truthful...we did not have everything ready for our departure on 7/18.  We will be leaving, NO MATTER WHAT, on Tues 7/26. (Sorry Dad...we will celebrate your birthday over the wknd).  I think we will leave directly from my eye surgeon's parking lot Tues morning.  Our house has become a storage unit over the past week. Boxes everywhere, no TV, no radio, (not so bad--we do have our computer) so thank God for Pandora radio & netflix. We have sold/given away most everything in the house..including the stove, etc. I stopped cleaning the house like 3 weeks ago & I must say, that has made detaching alot easier. It has quickly become "just walls".  We have had some awesome times & what feels like 25 Going Away parties & I do want to thank all of our friends & family for EVERYTHING they have done for us these past weeks. We love all of you so much! This is what life is about---living your dreams, loving your friends & family---NOTHING else matters.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Moving Day

Wow--What a week we've had!! Scott & I finished our last day at work on Jun 30th. Of course we are so excited to be done with work for "awhile" but it was VERY hard to say good-bye to all our friends. We did get the chance to deliver a baby together in the very last moments of our time at Phoenix Baptist. It was a beautiful delivery with a totally awesome couple---could not have ended on a better note. It's been a whirlwind ever since!! Bon Voyage parties, camping, packing, trying to see everyone before we go...I need a vacation! Today we are taking everything we've decided to keep to our place in Rocky Point, Mexico. Mental note--don't ever move in Phoenix in July. Scott had a good day on Craig's List yesterday and sold the motorcycle and the boat. Only a couple big items to go! Our timeline is to be on the road July 18th. For now---can't wait to jump into the Sea of Cortez !!