Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Not So Lucky

This boat broke free from a dock & landed in the rocks on a place called "Junk Island"
It's called Junk Island for a reason

We Made It !!!

Pre-hurricane dinner with friends.
What hurricane?
Helping Paul & Jean on "Miss Daisy" the next am
Sorry it's taken so long to add new post. IRENE really put a wrinkle in our mad dash to get ready for going south. Sunday night was definetly one of the scariest nights of our lives. Although Irene was downgraded to a tropical storm by the time it hit us, it was terrifying. Not knowing what was going to happen was so anxiety provoking. Also, our insurance application was still in process & they halted all new applications 24hrs befor the we had none. Truely the worst storm I've ever witnessed, but we did fine & so did the boat. The 3 days of preparation paid off. Scott worked so hard & did such an awesome job keeping the 3 of us safe. We were up most of the night..Scott would go out & re-tie things, pull logs out of the water that were hitting our boat. He is my hero. Jesse did fine too. He didnt seem to mind at all. He did have to hold his bladder for 16hrs. We tried to make him go on puppy pads but he wouldnt. So after a sleepless night, Irene didnt pass over us until 11am the next day & wasnt over until 3pm. It was like a really bad monsoon for 16hrs. All our friends faired well too. We feel so lucky because several sailboats in the area broke loose from their anchors or docks & were destroyed. Thank you for you're phone calls, msgs, & prayers. Hearing from loved ones definetly made us feel less alone. Love, Scott, Michelle & Jesse

Saturday, August 27, 2011

More Hurricane Prep

Busy Dock...Getting ready for Irene
Everyone has stripped the boats of all wind catcher items. Sails, covers, lines. The boats look naked

Hurricanes Suck

So the past 3 days have been a scramble to get ready for Irene. We had to finish our davit project (which will hold our solar panels & hang our dinghy when we need to pull it out of the water) A really hard job that Scott & Dan are still sore from 3 days later. Yesterday things got serious re:Irene.EVERYONE who has a boat in this marina was here preparing said boats. It was 85degrees w/100% humidity. Feels like 120 in Phoenix. We had to take off everything we've spent the past few weeks putting on...sails, ropes(which are really called sheets), etc. It was a very busy place.We are as prepared & secure as we can be in our marina. Our friends also came in to the marina so at least we're all in this together. Im not sure Scott & I have ever been this scared re: weather issue. Of coarse, it's our 1st hurricane. We feel like now we're just waiting for the biggest school yard bully come to beat the shit out of  us. It is so anxiety provoking.  Our thought out to our new friends Roberta & Heinz who couldn't get a slip in the marina befor it filled up...they are anchored up a river a couple miles from here....Wish they could ride it out here with us.  We may have some internet tomorrow but Im not sure...if we do, I promise to update the blog. If not, I'll write as soon as its over. Love you all. Pray for us all here in Connecticut.
Pre- Hurricane party lastnight with our cruising friends
On the left, Scott, Roberta, Dan. On right Paul, Jean, Heinz, & Sherri
Hurricane Party on Dan & Sherri's boat
Scott deep in a storage locker in the boat attaching the davits

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thar She Blows !!

There hasn't been a hurricane in Connecticut since "Gloria" in 1985. Scott & I moved here 3 weeks ago, just in time for Irene. Although Connecticut hasn't had a "hurricane" in 26yrs, it has endured the tail end of many hurricanes every year. So, now that it looks like Irene isnt veering out to sea we're all getting ready for a big storm that should hit Sun night/mon morning. Scott & I are in a well protected marina so we should be ok. Our friends say it can get rough, even in the marina but not unsafe. Another issue is flooding. It's a new moon so the tides were already expected to be 3ft higher than normal---befor the weather. We're tied to a floating dock so that should be ok too.. It's just a time of "hurry up & wait". We'll have to see what mother nature has in store for us. Promise to keep you all posted.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Boat Projects Never End

Heinz, Dan & Scott
Old rusty lights
 After our fun weekend, back to work on the million projects we have to do on the boat. Scott & Dan have been working hard everyday. Cheryl helps me try & get the inside ready. Everything has to have it's own little space so things arent flying around when we're moving. It has to be very organized, which is not one my strengths...Im getting better at it. Im also learning so many tips for living on a boat. Like, if you spray a little vinegar in toilet everyday, it keeps the smell away. Oh, it's not a toilet, it's a "head". Also, if you shut the port lights (windows) @night, there won't be condensation everywhere in the morning. I now am the proud owner of a shop-vac. It's a wonderful little device that you can use like a vacuum, plus it sucks up water! Who knew these things exsisted? Today we start a HUGE project---installing hardware (davits) to mount solar panels. It is a big deal....will let ya know it goes.  For the 1st time in our lives we're tracking a hurricane & how it may affect our weekend...we had big plans to sail to a place called 3 Mile Harbor (in the Hamptons) this weekend with Dan & Cheryl and new friends Heinz & Roberta. IRENE better not ruin it !! It sounds like a really fun place & would also be great practice for Scott & I as it's a 4 hour sail. We'll see.....
Scott reinsulating our fridge
new shiney stainless steel lights
I try to arrange the pics in a cool way but they just appear randomly on the text....drives me nuts.
Scott & Dan look more alike everyday!

Monday, August 22, 2011

What's wrong with this picture?

There she is....home
Sorry for the scattered arrangement of pictures. It's not as easy as it looks....still learning this wacky internet thing....

Late Entry sorry for not following through with my promise to write the very next day. It's not that I dont want to...what land lubbers have to understand is that wifi isnt always possible. For this reason, I think Scott & I will be getting a broad-band card so we dont have to depend on someone else's wifi. That said--WOW! What a super fun weekend we had.! We sailed for the first time with the supervision of Dan & Cheryl on Friday & then early Sat fog...we followed them to Nuank, CT. It's not far from New London, about 1.5hrs but 1st time Scott & I handled the boat on our own. It was so scarey...but so worth it!!! We really enjoyed our time there & continue (thanks to Dan & Cheryl) to meet really amazing people. Scott has been working sooo hard on the boat. Im so proud of him for all the things he's done & learned. As Cheryl says.."It's a steep learning curve"...and it is. Scott says he hasnt been this challenged since residency. Here are some pics of our last few days...Love & miss everyone
Scott & Dan installing 2nd anchor...back-breaking work that took all day
Our 1st guests...Donna & Les & Cherri
Me & Jesse enjoying the ride
Captain Scott & Captain Dan

Sailing...Take me away...
Sails Up!

Friday, August 19, 2011

New Pics

My new friend & mentor Cheryl
Scott & Dan splicing rope

My days of shopping now include the nuts & bolt store

Getting Ready

Hi everyone! Slow on the updates this week---sorry. Update #1 Jesse--Scott & I discussed treatment options with our vet. Jesse has a type of lymphoma that does not have a cure but there are treatments (chemo) available. In the end, the 3 of us decided that Jesse's cancer is too advanced for those treatments. We put him on steroids which have made him more comfortable for  sure. He does not seem to be in any pain, still eating & drinking. He is just very lethargic. Still enjoys swimming so we've tried to take him as much as possible.
 All our other time is spent "commissioning" the boat. Sailing has it's own little language. Commissioning the boat means getting her ready for open water sailing. (I think) Our boat had been out of the water for over a year, & only sailed once in the past 2yrs so there are a million projects. Imagine moving into a house that hadnt been lived in for 2yrs. Scott has been working so hard on all the mechanical projects & Im trying to get the inside together. Our new friends Dan & Cheryl have been such a blessing!! We have learned so much from them. They come over from their boat everyday & help us. I dont know what we would of done without them! They have also agreed to sail south with us which is a huge relief for Scott & I. We were origianlly planning on leaving Connecticut in October but Dan & Cheryl say we have to head south by Sept 2nd @the latest to avoid weather issues so we are scrambling to get our boat ready.  Today we are taking her sailing for the 1st time!!!! So excited. Promise to tell ya all about it tomorrow. :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Broken Hearts

It is with heavy hearts & deep deep sorrow that Scott & I write to all of you today. Our sweet precious Jesse was diagnosed with cancer today. We are beside ourselves with grief. I dont have words right now...just wanted people who have loved Jesse to know.  

Friday, August 12, 2011

Sails On !!

Boat pics

1st ride in our dinghy
Captain Scott
Dinner Time at th Schapker's
Wow. Owning a boat equels having a part time job. Alot of thought & time go into the boat. ALOT !! Nothing can exist on the boat unless it has 2 uses!!! We have been working really, washing, cleaning, finding leaks, scrubbing cushions, cleaning. I am shocked how quickly the days go by...the past few days we met an AWESOME couple...Dan &  Cheryl--sailing the past 5 years in their home CURIEUSE . They have helped us SOOOO much the past 2 days with our sails, supplies, dinghy, anchors, blah blah blah. It's a whole new world. We had a wonderful dinner on Curieuse lastnight. Thanks Dan & Cheryl !! Scott & I cleaned up the dinghy & got it in the water, attached the motor & cruised over to the neighbors. We need to get a better understanding of boat traffic rules---we found ourselves sandwiched between 2 enormous ferries wondering who goes first.It was so fun zipping around in the dinghy. Also got some great pics of the boat. Miss everyone!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


we've just been taking some pics of the most awesome dog on planet earth....enjoy.

Monday, August 8, 2011

WiFi !!! AHHH !!!!

We've had a few issues with the WiFi signal in the marina. We can only connect if we are sitting out on the deck of the boat....and if there arent too many clouds. It rained for 14 hours straight yesterday. All that downfall helped us discover lots of little leaks around the port lights (windows, port holes) We've had a very busy couple of days cleaning out storage areas in the hull of the boat--which took scott most of the day. Yesterday was all about drying things out. The leaks are nothing major, Scott & I will be able to repair ourselves....things are just a little soggy. I have come to realize that EVERYTHING must go into a container befor being put away because in this level of humidity, it's always damp. With or without actual rain.
We bought a used bike for me Saturday for $20 so Scott & I can ride around town & the peir. Havent had a chance to do that with all the rain but will take more pics of town when we do.
We havent taken the boat out yet...we still need an experienced person to go with us & Thank You to Marianne for connecting us with her brother Larry who is willing to go out with us soon. Larry is a very experienced sailor who lives in this area so we feel so lucky!!!
Love & Miss everyone!!!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Will put more pics on today....Finally, I figured it out!! WOO HOO !!
PS..for everyone checking on Jesse---he is doing better. Started him on antibiotics yesterday.

Friday, August 5, 2011

It's all a blur...

I need to make a correction to the previous entry. As I said befor, the last 36hrs in Phx were such a blur. I wrote in the last entry we left on Sunday.... it was actually Saturday. New blog entry coming tomorrow...trying to figure out how to get pics on the blog... Thanks everyone for your support!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Still Driving

Wow, doing the road trip thing is alot more fun in the motorhome. We drove across the 2nd half of Tennessee today and across about 2/3 of Virgina. I lived in Alexandria, Virginia 11-12yrs ago for a travel nurse assignment and loved it but, this western part of Virginia is much prettier. I can see why it was an inspiration for John Denver. (Wow, I'm really dating myself  by writing that). The Shenandoah Valley is beautiful. Like rain forest beautiful. Looked very similar to many a roads we've traveled in Costa Rica.
Jesse seems to be quite a bit better today. No bathroom emergencies, eating, drinking. Just lethargic. I think he likes the motorhome better too.  We will reach the boat by tomorrow. It's 457 miles away.  I cant wait to get there. I am happy we will be in a small town for a couple months because I dont want to be in the car for awhile once we get there.  We have crossed 6 states & 2 time zones since Sunday when we left phoenix at 11:30am. 1/2 the way with a sick dog. I didnt tell Scott..but I had a toothache all day today. I knew that broken crown would come to huant me eventually. Some road trips feel like you should get a trophy, or badge of courage at the end. This is one of those road trips. The boat is our trophy...thank goodness. I am over this. I need a dentist. Which reminds me, I wish I had dental insurance.

Monday, August 1, 2011

New London, Connecticut or Bust !!!

Im writing tonight from Buffalo River, Tennessee. About 40 miles outside of Nashville. We left Phoenix Saturday morning in a crazed hurry. The last 36 hours were so stressful !! It really seems like a blur now. We were emotional Saturday saying bye to the house, but Scott refused to let me walk out of the house until I stopped crying & had a real smile on my face.  Even more emotional over these past few weeks saying bye to family & friends. We made it !! It's really happening!! I cant really believe it sometimes!
  The road trip has been long & kinda boring but I do think Scott picked the most scenic route possible. Arkansas & Tennessee were really pretty. And of course northern Arizona! :) Jesse has a great set up in the back with lots of padded space since we shipped almost all of our belongings. Despite the extra care Scott took to make Jesse comfy, he has been sick the past 2 days. Today, poor Jesse...had a bathroom emergency in the hummer. Jesse is so amazing. He tried for about 20 minutes to signal Scott & I. I thought he was just trying to snuggle up... he kept nudging us. Finally, he started pacing in his small space in the back of the hummer. We finally got the message. Scott pulled over on the shoulder of I-40 & with semi trucks whizzing by at 75 miles/hr...Jesse avoided what could've been, the worst code brown of our lives. Thank you Jesse for your willpower. One crisis diverted but shortly after, Jesse threw up in the back of the car. Hence, the reason I am writing from one of the most run down roadside motels we've ever stayed in. In Buffalo River, Tennessee. We decided Jesse need to rest. He has been sleeping soundly since we got here. :)
 Tomorrow we will pass through the rest of Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland... should be to the boat early Wednesday afternoon.  Cant wait to get there!!! Cant wait to get to my new home !!
 Scott is trying to figure out a way to avoid driving through New York City. Party pooper.