Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Countdown!

This is my nephew's son.....his first Christmas...

It's Christmas Eve Eve! I can't believe it! Sorry so long between blogs. I sorta had a blog meltdown the other day when I spent 3 hours trying to post a blog only to have it mysteriously erase while publishing. Grrr... I swore off the blog forever...but I'm over it now.

We've been busy this week finalizing the Cruiser's Christmas Potluck. Due to some unexpected circumstances, Scott & I were put in charge of this big shindig. Our friends that have been putting it together for the past 15 years were not able to make it this year so.....I don't know how, but we're in charge this year. Scott has been a huge help as have other cruisers and the tradition will continue! Last year about 100 people came so it's sorta a big deal...

Meanwhile we've just been enjoying the Christmas festivities around Green Turtle. There have been Christmas concerts, golf cart parades, and just good ol' fashioned holiday cheer.


New Plymouth at night...this the town on Green Turtle Cay..

In between Christmas fun we still have chores to do....

Scott cleaning the bottom of the boat

Interrupted by a triggar fish that was just teasing Scott as he cleaned the boat. Scott yelled up to me to hand him his spear and....


Scott has really refined his hunting/spearing skills this year. This morning he got 3 lobster and then again, right by our boat he got this guy....

About a 10# Snapper...

So tomorrow should be a BUSY day putting together the last details for the party. Sooo many boats moved into the anchorage today. I'm a little nervous....hope it all goes well... We are ignoring all boat projects for now...just want to enjoy Christmas. We even got a phone set up after trying for 3 weeks....the phone lady actually showed up on Thursday...only from 9-1pm. The line was LONG (1/2 the town was there) since she had not been here in so long. But...we will now be able to call home on Christmas.


This is Jib's friend Snoopy. He escaped off his boat & promptly headed to Malaika to try & persuade Jib to do the same...

Hope everyone is having a blessed Holiday Season!! Hope to post again on Christmas! Love & miss you all sooo much.

Love, Michelle, Scott & Jib

So...I just tried to post this blog only to find out we have no internet right now. "Please try again later."

Hmmuph! So buy the time this posts it won't be Christmas Eve Eve anymore...etc. you get the picture.


Sunday, December 15, 2013

Island Scenes

Sometimes I don't feel like writing. Ho hum....still want to share some pics with y'all. We've been exploring the island quite a bit....it's our third season here & still finding new things.

One of the main drags in Green Turtle Cay


Scott's on the hunt for real estate..



Safety first!! Ya never know when a fire may break out in the jungle.


Heading out to the reef


Dinner. X4. I made 4 meals from these guys including lobster pizza....yum!


Look who's under the Mistletoe!!


Our buddy Greg popped over to trade books & movies....this is a common ritual among cruisers...


Then Gary popped over to give Scott a harmonica lesson....we played a little ukulele too...

Sorry for the writer's block....love & miss everybody!! Hope ya enjoy the pics....

Love---Michelle, Scott & Jib


Internet Woes

I have been trying to post a blog for HOURS!!! The pictures won't download. I am so irritated. Stay tuned. Will post a new blog as soon as possible!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Island Time

Scott speared this Nassau Grouper yesterday....he fed 4 people.

Island Time. It's hard to believe we've been in the islands for over a week now. Yesterday I had to look at the calendar to figure out if was Tuesday or Wednesday....losing track of what day it is happens here...that's why I have a calendar. It's been wonderful here in Green Turtle. This really is one of the most charming places on the planet. I've traveled A LOT....& this place is in the top 5 for me.

A place with white picket fences & homes named "Island House". There are cars on the island but mostly the locals (and tourists) get around by golf cart.

This is a pic from last year when our friends rented a golf cart & invited us to tour the island...

One side of Green Turtle faces the Sea of Abaco. The other side faces the Atlantic Ocean & that's where many of the great reefs are. The Atlantic has been too rough to dive in since we got here but yesterday we finally made our way to "Ocean Beach". Scott was on the reef for about an hour & speared a good size lobster. Jib & I walked & played on the beach.

Scott's going out to hunt...



This was the "stick" (tree branch) Jib dragged down the beach & wanted me to throw


Love this sign..."chunk of beach...that a'way! "


Bouy Art


How random...all of a sudden, 3 chairs on the beach...


And just like that.....

Jib & I walked the beach & turned around to see a squall had moved in. Sunny beach time over! That's the way it goes sometimes in the islands. A down pour soon followed. All the while, Scott was diving. He was totally unaware that it had rained.

It's not island bliss all the time. As I said in the last blog, our outboard has been a complete pain in the arse'!! Scott has taken it apart 3 times.


Not having a functional outboard SUCKS because then we can't use our dinghy. The dinghy is like our car...it's how we get around to other boats, to town, to reefs....it's a vital piece of cruising life. Thankfully, after the 3rd time...Scott has the motor running great. Sooooo happy! The only other complaint of my island life is it has been a bit "buggy".

Both of my legs are COVERED with bug bites. The "no seeums" (super small mosquito like creatures that I hate!!) are a little out of control. I am in a perpetual state of itching. It never goes away. It wakes me through the night. My legs look ugly.....like I have some terrible skin disease. The picture really doesn't do it justice. Oh well....this too shall pass. It's really a small price to pay to be here.



Love & miss everybody!!! XXXOOO

Michelle, Scott & Jib


Saturday, December 7, 2013

Green Turtle Cay....I am in Love with You....

I feel so lucky/blessed to be here in Green Turtle. I love this place. So much of cruising is about where you're going, where you've been....etc....what should matter most is "where you are!!!!" Green Turtle feels like a "going home" experience. So..we're living it!


This morning I made Scott French toast with the coconut bread I bought in town......

He loved it. And then...reality sets in. Yay. Ok, so last year we were plagued with outboard motor problems. This summer Scott bought a new dinghy & a new motor. Well, new to us. It's a 2006 Mercury 8hp. It was rarely used. It has already started acting up.

Scott took off the carburetor & cleaned it up.....didn't help. Can I just say, I HATE outboards. We are seriously considering selling it & buying a brand new motor. UGH. Cruising is "fixing your boat in exotic locations". Grrrrrr......

Jib made a new friend today....Zoe...


Zoe was totally afraid of Jib until she realized he knew commands....
Scott went on his first dive of the season today....one lobster. One grouper. Yummy.
I'm practicing my Ukelele everyday!


We represent....love you Arizona!!

Love--Michelle,Scott & Jib


Friday, December 6, 2013

Home Away From Home

My favorite view from Green Turtle

Wowza! We made it! What an awesome crossing we had. Don't get me wrong....there were moments when I was not happy. For the first time, I made notes throughout the day....

"0400--alarm. 0435--start engine. 0450--anchor up. It's so dark. 4 boats are on their way out the inlet. The windlass jammed twice while pulling anchor....yikes! It's so dark. 0530-- we're out the inlet & it's sooooo rolley. The boat is pitching side to side so dramatically. Everything on the inside of the boat is now on the floor (unless bolted down). Jib is having a nervous break down. He is drooling incessantly...I can see his muscles shaking. Now I'm crying. I feel bad for Jib, plus...I can't imagine spending another 10-12 hours doing this. 0630--the sun is rising. We're still like a cork in a washing machine but we put the main sail up...OMG! Major improvement. Still rolling side to side but not near as bad. We can see the flotilla that left before us on the horizon.

Jib is finally calming down...with a little cuddle help from his buddy

Things are calm enough that Scott put his fishing poles out...

1230----the sea is now like glass....it's crazy!!! We've had no hits on the fishing rods. Scott changes all the gear...

1300-- Fish On!!

1302-- fish off. He got away. 1350-- we reached the banks of the Bahamas.

Moments after entering the banks, dolphins started swimming off our bow. It was glorious....what a welcome!!

1630-- we caught up with the flotilla that left an hour ahead of us....way to go Malaika!

2200---land ho. We made it to Great Sale Cay in 17 hours. Our fastest time yet. Only 8-10 hours to go the next day to get to Green Turtle Cay.....our favorite island in Abaco, Bahamas. Whew. I'm tired."

Our first sunset in Green Turtle

What a journey. Obviously, this is a small passage compared to most BUT, for us, it's still a big deal & I'm glad we're done with it until Spring or whenever...

We're gonna be here awhile.

Love--Michelle, Scott & Jib