Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

We made it! What a journey! We had a good trip across the Gulf took 17 hours after we left the coast of Florida. We had some issues the next day on our 11 hour journey to Green Turtle Cay (one of our favs in the Bahamas) which I will write about in detail on the next blog. I have to hurry cuz' Scott & Jib are waiting for me outside.....I just ran in to the store to do a quick update. I won't have good internet until I can get to a Betelco (Bahama's phone company) & buy some internet minutes for the IPad.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am very Thankful for all the blessings in our life....especially our family & Friends. Love & miss everybody.

Love, Michelle, Scott, & Jib


Sunday, November 23, 2014

It's Time To Go!!

We left St Augustine on Thursday to head down the coast of Florida to our crossing point to the Bahamas. So excited! We LOVE St. Augustine but it feels good to be on the move. We been traveling as much as we can since then to try & meet up with our friends so we can cross together. I know for you big blue sailors the crossing to Bahamas isn't that big of a deal, but it still is for me. I like crossing with other boats. On the way home we always are by ourselves but by then we've been sailing for months so our confidence level is much higher.

It's been a very busy few weeks getting ready to leave. Scott has spent most of his time working on our new swim platform. It is BEAUTIFUL! He did an amazing job.


It started with a drawing on scrap paper & evolved to a beautiful teak platform. It was a pretty detailed project that required mathematical equations & lots of forethought. As you admire the pics, keep in mind, this was a pile of teak slabs that arrived in a box a few weeks ago. Scott cut each piece, shaped each piece, varnished each get the picture. And with the support of our good friends Dan & Cheri & Heinz & Roberta we drilled huge holes into the back of our boat to attach it. I love it!

Jib had a rough day yesterday. We had the sails up & we're heeling quite a bit (for our non-sailor friends heeling is when the boat is leaning on one side) which Jib just DOES NOT like....we comfort him as much we can. He has his sailing buddy.

Today has been a better day for Jib. Luckily for him, unable to sail today. My little sailor dog hates sailing. As long as the engine is on, he's happy. Enjoy some scenes from "the journey".

Random Pirate ship we saw today


My orchid I bought last November made it thru the summer & bloomed today!! ;)


This was taken in the middle of the night when I got up to check on things.....

It was getting too cold in St Augustine. The highs were in the 50's when we left. Even Jib needed a blankey. We are not a cold weather family.

Our pepper plant is thriving



I will do my best to do the blog more that we're on our way there will be lots of fun stories.

Love you all

Love, Michelle, Scott & Jib