Saturday, October 31, 2015

What's In Your Ditch Bag?

Tick Tock....the final countdown...we're hoping to be on the move in a month so time to check the safety gear which includes A LOT of stuff & one that will really matter most in an emergency is "The Ditch Bag". All boaters who travel any distance have one. It's something you never really give much thought about will if you need it! So basically, a "Ditch Bag" includes survival stuff in case the boat sinks. Every year I check our PLB (Personal Location Beacon), make sure it still works.

We don't have an EPIRP so it's pretty important . The rest of the stuff I just kinda peek at. This year, since it's been 4 years since I originally packed that bag...I decided to really look at it....perhaps, my ideas for the ditch bag may have changed after actually living on the boat/Sea.

Ditch Bag Must Haves..includes fishing tackle

So, it turns out I changed almost nothing about the ditch bag contents. The good news about sailing in much traveled waters that aren't more than 100 miles away from the USA...(I.e. Bahamas, Caribbean), we don't need much . I think "crossing an ocean" ditch bag would include a different list of a real life raft...we only have our dinghy, a water disterally system, an EPIRP...etc. The only thing I added was 2 hats with wide brims, we decided to get 2 more PLB's, I changed all the batteries, & the last items I added were a pencil & pad of paper.

It seems like in all the shipwreck movies, the survivors have a journal.

So our boat projects continue. I can't wait to show you the woodwork Scott has done, new anchoring set up, new lights! And lots of new bronze.....

Stay tuned..

Michelle, Scott & Jib

Thursday, October 8, 2015

We're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat !

After 5 long months Malaika's crew is finally returns home! Scott & Jib returned to the boat about 7 weeks ago & I came home last week. My boxes started arriving this week.....I was waiting for Scott to say something as they started arriving ( remember we live on 38 ft), but he didn't. I was armed & ready for my defense.. " hey, I gave up a house!" But, I never had to bring out the ammo. I guess after the past few years, he knows....there are certain things I just have to have with me. It's not much....5 boxes. That's all I need now. My must haves....could you pack your must haves into 5 boxes? It's not as easy as it sounds. However, it's amazing how once you do it, you realize how little you need to make you happy & moving back onto Malaika is a great reminder of that. Anyway, it's great to be home although it is Soooo hot & humid in Florida right now. The humidity is stifling. I can't wait for it to cool down!!!

Jib & Momma


Me & Jib tied up in the lock waiting for it to open...
The lock opening up for us...

In an effort to escape the heat, on the weekends we can take a dinghy ride to a little island near our Marina. We have to go through a lock system to do it & it's only available to the public on the weekends so....we jumped at the chance. We live near a beach but Florida is not a dog friendly place. Dogs are pretty much not allowed anywhere.. especially the beach. Even at the dog beach, dogs have to be on leash. It's ridiculous. So, we found our own little place....& it was great!

Jib got a little beach time..


Happy Jib


So, while its been an adjustment moving back on the always is...I'm glad to be home. We have, as usual, a ton of boat projects to do before we head out so we'll probably be in this Marina (Cape Canaveral) for another month.

And so it begins...boat projects. Scott up the mast fixing the radar

I must say Scott has done MANY boat projects since he got home...I will highlight all those in the next blog. I just wanted to do a quick blog to get this party started again! It's been a long time since I've done a blog...I doubt I have any readers left! But here we go!

It was a pretty rough summer, full of ups & downs, but here we are....starting our our 5th season on Malaika. I can hardly believe it. So stay tuned!!! The adventures begin!


Beautiful Arizona

Love & miss you!

Michelle, Scott & Jib


Monday, April 6, 2015

Malaika Has A New Home....

So...I've written many times about how all things in cruising life are "etched in jello"... One of those examples has come to life again. We literally stumbled upon this super awesome Marina/yacht club in the 26th hour of our crossing from the Bahamas. If your just passing thru the fee is $1.35/ft. BY FAR...the cheapest place around here. The big bonus is that it's such a nice place! Everyone is soooo nice. We had a wonderful Easter brunch at the clubhouse. This is a private yacht club & for a yearly fee (that is extremely affordable) we can be part of a great boating community. They are super dog friendly & it seems that everyone knows everyone. We've already had people offer to look after Malaika when we are away in Phoenix. While we LOVE St. Augustine, making our home base in Cape Canaveral saves us tons of traveling time.

The yacht club....



Me & Jib heading home....notice the Disney Cruise Ship in our back yard...


We picked up our rental car today...yay!! Once again we are participating in the "drive out of Florida" program. We get the car for 21 days, unlimited mileage, for $9.99/day. Awesome. All we have to do is drive it out of Florida. No we come!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. We'll be home soon!

Love, Michelle, Scott & Jib



Sunday, April 5, 2015

I Used To Do A Blog......

Hey everybody! It's been awhile. About 2 months since I've done a blog. At first I was suffering from writer's block. Then, some personal things came up & the blog just didn't seem important. All is well now & I miss my blog! we go.

So much has happened since my last blog on Valentine's Day. We stayed in Georgetown, Bahamas for about 6 weeks. It's so fun there...especially during the Regatta. Once again, Scott was "invited" to participate in the volleyball tournament. Volleyball is SERIOUS business in Georgetown so it's a huge compliment to be invited.

Scott's newest (I should say..."on-going") hobby is free diving/hunting. Scott & his dive buddies definetely improved their skills this year. Free diving 30-40 feet is now the norm but they dive deeper than that...on one breath. It's pretty impressive.

We left the Bahamas Thursday morning. We arrived in Cape Canaveral, Florida friday morning at 10:30. The crossing was AWFUL!!! Very nice on the banks of the Bahamas but once we entered the Gulf Stream things got ROLLEY!!! Our boat has never rolled side to side so dramatically. Our rails hit the water twice. SCAREY! Poor Jib...he was a complete wreck. I was sort of a wreck. Somewhere in the middle of the night Scott discovered that Jib calmed WAY down if we laid next to him on the cockpit floor & covered up his eyes with a blanket.

Another new hobby...."Durfing" riding a surf board while being pulled behind the dinghy..


There are so many stories & pictures to share. I'm back.....the blog is reborn! Stay tuned!!!

Happy Easter everyone!


Michelle, Scott & Jib


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Island Time


Oops...I'm a little late for Valentine's Day but I've been saving this picture for a year so Happy Valentines Day! According to island time I'm still not too late! :)

Love this trail marker on a hike on one of the islands

We've just plugging along. Well, actually, we haven't. We've been in Georgetown for several weeks now. We move around to different beaches but basically we're in the same area. It's really fun here.

Malaika is the boat in the middle

Just gonna share some pics....I have writer's block. Hence, the reason no blog for 10 days. Enjoy the photo op!

Our friends on s/v Corsair rented a car the other day & invited us to tour the island. It was so fun & we reached the "the Tropic of Cancer" !

Tropic of Cancer


For those of you who didn't see it on Facebook.....Scott & Jib got up early on Valentines Day & went on a hike to pick an island bouquet for me.....I was so surprised, I cried. Love those two guys.

Our backyard right now....


Cool Captain


Very busy at the dinghy dock today.....where's Waldo/Scott?!


Me & Jib exploring "the jungle" ha ha


Poison wood tree



Life is good. Jib is so happy. We are most of the time too. :)

These are some different lobster Scott shot the other day. They are called "slipper lobster"


Another fun day at the beach!


Michelle, Scott & Jib



Friday, February 6, 2015

Island Update

Me & My Shadow

Just a quick update cuz' our internet is running low & I can't renew it for awhile. The weather has been bad the past couple days. I did hitch a dinghy ride to town today (Scott couldn't take me cuz he hurt his back diving yesterday) anyway, I got a ride & we made it to town easily but the weather turned quickly & I couldn't make it to the telephone company.

Scott discovered a yummy drink called "The Bob Marley" at Sandals Resort.

We just returned to Georgetown after a few AWESOME days at Emerald Bay Marina. Ahhhh...our first Marina since leaving Florida in early November. I will expand on this when I have more internet. All I can say is.....I highly recommend it. It was 50 cents a foot, free laundry, free hot showers, free trash disposal. Pure luxury.

Quick selfie before I take my first "real" hot shower since November. It was a Glory Hallelujah moment.


Me & my buddy Donna hitching a ride to the store.


Scott, Jib, & our friend James

It never ceases to amaze me how locals will pull over to pick up 4 people & & 70 pound dog. Gotta love the islands. We were so grateful cuz the store was way too far to walk to & we got rides both directions.

Playing croquet at Sandals Resort


Ther weather is HORRIBLE today so I'll have the rest of the pics for another time. We need to save the internet we have for checking email & weather.

Happy Birthday Momma!

Last but definetley not least, we just want to say Happy Happy Birthday to Scott's Mom. Have a wonderful time in the D.R. @ Punta Cana! Hope you have a wonderful birthday. We love & miss you everyday.

The hunting continues. Tiger grouper are becoming a "norm" on Malaika. Scott is good hunter..aargh!


Michelle, Scott & Jib